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You got into the childcare business because you wanted to make a difference. But lately, bookkeeping, registration, communication, keeping records… it’s all taking so much of your time and attention.  

Here are some of the best ways to utilize technology in your childcare center, so that you can get back to the childcare work you’re most passionate about.

1. Organize Your Processes

Outdated administration methods (you know… that mountain of papers where your desktop once was) are inefficient and can lead to frustration. Technology allows you and your staff to eliminate wasted time, leaving more room for things that matter.

Childcare applications allow you to access information quickly, securely, and all in one place. Here are just a few of the many tasks you can automate…

  • Finding and nurturing leads
  • Managing enrollment
  • Communicating with families
  • Automating tuition payments
  • Managing staff and payroll
  • Tracking attendance
  • Simplifying registration
  • Generating records
  • Bookkeeping

2. Build Connections and Trust

Consistent communication between parents and your staff is crucial to your center’s success. And with more tech-savvy millennials transitioning into parenthood, instant feedback is becoming a must-have.

Applications with built-in communication systems appeal to families by establishing transparency between your staff and parents by avoiding misunderstandings around contracts, fees, and days off.

Kangarootime, a popular childcare management tool, prioritizes connecting parents to teachers, directors, and owners with real-time messaging, chat, calendars, and permission slips. Parents are delighted by real-time information about their children, often translating to deeper levels of trust, higher retention, and more referrals.

3.  Measure Results

No more guessing what’s working; technology will show you exactly what you’re doing well, how you can improve, and where precious resources are being wasted.

An effective customer relationship management system, such as ChildCare CRM, gives valuable insight into important metrics, helping you make the most informed decisions possible. Manage and grow enrollment to instantly to understand what you can offer. Measure the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns by knowing exactly how much you’re paying for a lead. And even track potential clients from initial inquiry to enrollment to satisfied clients.

How to Encourage Staff and Family: Technology Adoption

Whatever technology you choose to implement, getting your staff and parents on board is a daunting task. Here are three tips for encouraging them to adopt your new technology:

  • Fully Showcase Benefits: You know the benefits of your technology. Make sure everyone else does too! As your staff and parents begin to understand how the technology will help them rather than hinder them, it’s no longer an item on their to-do lists but an opportunity to improve things they’re already doing.
    • Set Up Onboarding: New technology can be intimidating, so set up initial onboarding meetings. Go over the application in detail, from start to finish, keeping the focus on the benefits that come with it. You can even provide a tutorial packet and videos. After seeing the technology in use, parents and staff will have lower resistance to full adoption.
  • Reward Usage: If you want to take it a step further, you can even reward usage. Facilitate a fun car seat giveaway or hand out $5 Target gift cards to your top users. A few added bonuses can help everyone get over the initial learning curve and into regular usage.

A Note from Tony:

Tony DAgostino Standing against a Wall“While implementing technology within your centers does require an upfront time investment, it will save you plenty of headaches in the long run.  Make sure your team and families are confident using your systems so your investment continues to work for you. To assist in getting the most out of your technology, consider having a Team and a Family Technology Champion that become power users of the systems and help others adopt and adapt.  Plan out the implementation, adoption, and measurement of your technology solutions for maximum success.”

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