Ryan Garrod
Director of Marketing

Ryan Garrod - Director of Marketing

Ryan Garrod, Director of Marketing for Inspire! Care 360, has extensive knowledge and experience in almost all aspects of marketing. He has held multiple roles in this field including media production, website development, social media management, coding, scripting, and online marketing of products and services. He enjoys learning about new technologies and marketing styles to perfect his craft.  Ryan brings to IC360 a knowledge of marketing objectives and leads the team in implementing successful outreach and marketing campaigns.  His experience working in large corporate environments as well as small business enables him to adapt to ever-changing business plans and processes.  Ryan graduated from the Rochester Institute of Technology with a BS in New Media Arts and Technology and a double minor in Communications and Marketing.

In his off-time, Ryan likes to play XBOX with his friends and brothers, help raise a new Yellow Lab puppy with his girlfriend, and binge watch the next trending TV show.

Favorite Bands: Journey, AC/DC, Poison, and anything Rock’n Roll.
Favorite Games: Ace Combat Series, Destiny 2, The Division and (Coming Soon) Anthem.
Favorite Locations: Santorini, Greece, St. Petersburg, Russia, Cairo, Egypt, and Venice, Italy
Favorite Food: Buffalo Wings (or anything covered in Buffalo Sauce)