Stephanie Armstrong

Marketing Strategist 

Stephanie has spent her entire adult career in marketing. Starting in the non-profit sector, she had an opportunity to plan, develop and execute multi-media marketing campaigns, plan, organize and host events and manage public relations. As her career progressed, she moved into corporate advertising with ABC and Fox, developing multi-media marketing campaigns for local, regional and national brands. In doing so, she developed a passion for digital marketing. Since then, she has assisted over 50 local, regional and national companies develop brand communications that inspire, build relationships and drive business growth. She is certified in Social Media Marketing, Inbound Marketing, Storybrand Marketing Communications and holds a Bachelor’s Degree from SUNY Brockport in Psychology.  She has been recognized as the US State Department’s Social Media Personality & Digital Marketing Expert as well as POWER, The Professional Organization of Women of Excellence Recognized.

In addition to marketing, she is passionate about leadership and personal development and is constantly striving to become a better version of herself while supporting others in their own process of self discovery and refinement. When she’s not building business, you’ll find her spending time with her two sons, meditating, hosting a workshop or traveling – usually with a giant smile.

Favorite Artists: Alina Baraz, Sabrina Claudio, Whilk & Misky, Masego
Favorite Sport: Basketball
Favorite Location: The Indian, Mediterranean & Caribbean Seas
Favorite Food: Calamari & Arancini