My Member Dashboard

From this dashboard you will connect with the resources to improve employee engagement, strengthen your brand and take advantage of the buying power of the IC360 community.


Build Amazing Culture, Reduce Turnover and Increase Profits by Engaging Your Team

Schedule Your Kick-Off & Orientation

Schedule a meeting or training with Jen

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Schedule A Customization

Schedule a customization meeting with Bivette

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Your IC360 Online Classroom

Team members take custom courses to learn, test knowledge and receive certificates.

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Your Staff Professional Development Training Center

Take professional development courses at entry, management, and executive levels

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Your Tools And Forms To Make Work Easier

Use forms, wizards to simplify your work and communication with your team

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Contact Your HR Expert Adviser

Call 1 800 655 5659 option 3 (have your username and password ready)

Assess Virtual Health For Your Company

Learn more about providing virtual health services to your employees at an affordable cost. Keep your team healthy and at work

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Increase Your Top-line Revenue by Taking Control of Your Reputation

Your Public Relations And Crisis Support

Request PR and/or Crisis support to deal with issue that could damage your brand. Work with experts to receive advice and support in times of crisis

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Your Brand Analysis

Work with our Brand specialist to identify what your reputation means to your staff, your families and your community. Output is a detailed report of what you do well as to what may need attention.

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Your Branded Merchandise And Clothing

Shop highly discounted marketing incentives for prospective families, staff and events, in addition to business cards, logo’d clothing and much more!

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Request Exit Interviews

To have your your Member Benefit of 2 monthly Exit Interviews. Schedule with Jen today!

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Review Management And Star Rating Solution

Take control of your star rating on such sites as Google, Facebook, Yelp…and gain invaluable testimonials from your families while discovering and solving center challenges. – Please reach out to Jen!

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Leverage Your Nationally Negotiated and Vetted Supplies, Services, Software, Capital Goods and Consulting

Your WB Mason Account

Office, Janitorial, Maintenance Supplies and much more

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Discount School Supply Account

School, toys, equipment, and playground supplies

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 US Foods Account

Order food and cooking supplies at deep discount.

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Menu Planner And Food Calculator

Use to plan meals and calculate food usage.

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