The Opportunity:

Operating without an updated or not having an Employee Handbook:

Employees do not understand mission, vision and values.

They do not understand code of conduct.

They are unclear about policies for time off, dress code, expectations.

Your staff needs to be in alignment with other staff.

Printing employee handbooks is costly.

The Solution:

A COST EFFECTIVE employee handbook from Inspire! Care 360.

ACCESSIBLE anytime and anywhere.

EASY to maintain.

We provide yearly updates for changes in State and Federal regulations.

Helps lay solid groundwork for your COMPANY’s CULTURE.

Employees will retain knowledge.

Differentiation Summary:

Your ECE Employee Handbook is INCLUDED in your IC360 Membership!

It speaks to your employees in childcare’s school terms.

Giving you peace of mind about meeting state’s and federal requirements.

We PERSONALIZE your handbook to your environment, culture, brand and processes.

It is delivered as a part of the learning module to ensure your team completes it and acknowledges it.

Retention is much higher.

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