IC360 Member HUB Enrollment

We can’t wait to get you started with the latest solution from Inspire! Care 360: the Member HUB!

This is going to streamline the process for you and your staff to utilize all the solutions your membership has to offer. There is a video on this page that will show you around the HUB and explain it in more detail.

Every membership comes with one Admin account on the HUB for the business owner as well as one additional Admin account for each location you operate. (Extra users/Admins can be added for $5 per month.)

We just need some information from you so we can get everything set up. Please complete the form below. If you have any questions, email Jen G or call us!

Please provide the names and email addresses of any additional Administrators who need access to the Member HUB. Each membership includes a user account for the owner and one additional Admin account for each location. Extra user/Admin accounts not included with your membership are $5 per month.