IC360 REP: Reputation Empowerment Platform

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About IC360 REP: The Inspire! Care 360 Reputation Empowerment Platform

There are lots of online review programs out there; few are tailored to the childcare and early learning industry. That’s why we came up with IC360 REP! Our reputation management solution will serve you, our valued member, in four ways:

  1. Online Reviews
  2. Staff Reviews
  3. Tour Feedback Program
  4. Job Interview Feedback Tool

Inspire! Care 360 IC360 REP Dashboard Screenshot

We’re offering more than just additional reviews on Google and Yelp. Our enhanced reputation management solution also helps you gather feedback after your tours with prospective families, and after your interviews with job candidates. You can even use it to get reviews from your staff!

The result will be a more dynamic, well-rounded stream of feedback from all facets of your business. With this feedback, you can make decisions based on data instead of assumptions. After all, that’s what the MOST SUCCESSFUL businesses do!

Oh, and did we mention that we can help you stop bad reviews before they start? Our platform reroutes negative feedback away from online review sites and directly to you, so you and your team can nip it in the bud.

How IC360 REP is Different

Other reputation management tools typically charge at least $100 per month for each location. Some reputation management companies are even charging two or three times that, and holding your reviews hostage on external microsites that you will lose when you cancel your subscription.

Our solution is really a 4-in-1 platform that covers every type of feedback you need to manage your center’s reputation. And you own all of the reviews and feedback; we’re not using external microsites to hold your reviews hostage.

What is the cost to our members? Just $80 per month. The only people who can get the most robust reputation management solution at the lowest price are IC360 members.

We can’t wait to get this up and running for you. Are you ready? Fill out the contact form on this page and Jen G will reach out to answer your questions and get the ball rolling!