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Easy Implementation.

Inspire! Care 360 solves the childcare center problems your big box childcare competitors don’t have to worry aboutPremiere Partners of IC360 receive immediate subject matter expertise, services and technologies they can apply at their own pace. It’s like having the back-office support of a franchise—without the additional cost.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

If you are not completely satisfied for any reason after implementing and using our services for six months and we cannot delight you, you are welcome to cancel your membership if needed.

Monthly Specials and Free Gifts

Ask your Customer Care Representative for information on this month’s specials. Free assessments and additional perks are great ways to get started with IC360.

Our Membership Value

What is Included?


  • Advisors Available 8am-8pm M-F
  • Learning Management Portal
  • Tools: Handbook Builder, Performance Builder, etc.
  • Employee Handbook eLearning Training
  • Onboarding eLearning Training
  • Professional Development Training
  • Knowledge Base
  • Virtual Health Care Services


  • Brand Assessment and diagnostic
  • Brand Development with gaps roadmap
  • Brand Promotion guidance on social/digital
  • Brand Protection and crisis management
  • Team and Family Surveys
  • Exit Interview


  • Discounted supplies!
  • IC360 Financial Experts
  • Executive Coaching
  • Much, Much, More!

The IC360 100% Guarantee.

If after using our program, you’re unhappy in any way with services you’ve received, we’ll refund your last month’s service!

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