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Call or Chat with an HR Expert Advisor.

Don’t Google that HR question! Remember to go straight to your IC360 HR expert resource. Call (800) 655-5659 option #3. You can also chat with an HR Expert Advisor by clicking the button below to connect. (Don’t forget to have your login info and password handy!)

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Login to IC360 Custom Classroom

Log into your custom classroom to view and complete custom and care specific courses like Employee Handbook, New Hire Orientation, Operations, Procedures, and Mentor Program. (Don’t forget to have your login info and password handy!)

IC360 Learning Management System

Login to HR360 Training Center

Log into your Training Center to view and complete HR, Management, Leadership, and Employee Training Courses. (Don’t forget to have your login info and password handy!)

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Builder Tools for Job Descriptions, Handbooks and Employee Reviews.

Are you in need of a job description, handbook update or employee evaluation template? Click below to go directly to the tools and resources that make these jobs so much easier. (Don’t forget to have your login info and password handy!)

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Preview a Performance Evaluation.

Are you curious about what the output would be on a Performance Evaluation? Click below to download a sample output to preview the categories and structure of an actual evaluation.

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Ready to Make a Video?

Adult learners stay engaged longer with trainings that contain videos than they do when watching trainings without them. A proper intro video will get your new employee’s attention and allow you to tell a story. Here’s some tips on how to make the best possible video for your e-learning trainings.

How to Make a Great Video

Access Virtual Health for Your Staff.

Inspire! Care 360 offers our members access to Virtual Health for their employees. As a childcare business owner, you are always looking for benefits that will attract and keep the best teachers. Virtual Health for IC360 Members and Partners provides your teachers and staff with the convenience and expertise of healthcare via their phone, tablet or computer. For one low cost per registered employee, you can offer a benefit everyone can use!

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Virtual Health for IC360 Members and Partners

IC360 Brand.

Submit a PR Crisis Incident to the IC360 Brand Protection Team.

Click on the button below to retrieve the form that triggers an alert to the IC360 Brand Protection experts. You will receive a call back from your Customer Care Representative to talk you through the event.

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IC360 Buy.

To get started using the providers available in the IC360 Buy Purchasing Group, please review the materials downloaded below. You can also contact your purchasing rep for more information.


Need a Menu Planner?

Access an interactive Menu Planner and Buying Guide specifically for childcare programs. Organized by meats, fruits, vegetables, grains and dairy, you can plan your ordering needs based on CACFP guidelines for portion sizes and type.

To access the planner, click on the button below and then select the Food Buying Guide on the righthand side of the page.

Menu Planner Tool

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