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At Inspire! Care 360, we don’t just help you grow your business, we help you protect it, too, with our IC360 Brand Awareness & Protection plan. Get all the brand protection, crisis support, and reputation services you need as well as tools to enhance the perception of your business among parents and staff.

IC360 Brand was created for independent childcare centers who need to protect and enhance the reputation of their childcare centers. Whether you’re in need of support for a public relations issue that threatens your brand, or you want to strengthen your childcare center’s image with parents and staff, IC360 Brand provides the solutions you need!

IC360 Brand Includes:


Protecting your company’s brand and image.


Providing real-time access to crisis and PR support.


Surveys and expert advice to enhance your reputation


Support to assess and promote your reputation

At Inspire! Care 360, we also own and operate several childcare centers. We know that when a crisis strikes, it can be stressful for owners and directors. Your reputation is everything, and we understand that a crisis threatens the survival of your business. That is why we have developed a unique and innovative crisis and PR assistance support plan to help your childcare centers survive even the most seemingly insurmountable challenges.

Have Access To:

  • Expert Advisers in Crisis Communications
  • Evaluate and Develop Reputation
  • Best Practices for Promoting Your Business
  • Marketing and Communications Support
  • Tools and Resources in Reputation Management
  • Customized Surveys For Families and Staff
  • Online Courses in Reputation Management
  • Situational Crisis Communication

With IC360 Brand, You’ll Experience:

Less Stress

Reduced stress when dealing with situational crises


Robust support for the unexpected PR emergency


Enhanced perception and reputation


Increase internal engagement from parents and staff

Measure Engagement: A Growth Plan through Brand Identity.

Find out how collecting your staff and families’ opinions predict opportunities that result in growth.

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Childcare Exit Interview Services.

Do childcare owners and administrators truly understand why a staff member or family exit their center? Wouldn’t it be nice to get the backstory regarding a departure from a family or staff member? Leveraging an independent firm allows you to get honest feedback—which is what we seek as owners as we continue to build our cultures.

In an Exit Interview, IC360 will investigate the reasons for the departure, as well as feedback about the following:

  1. Experience with your center
  2. Their experience with teachers/peers
  3. Experience with the administrative team
  4. Overall experience as to what your brand means to them
  5. Would they refer you to others and provide an exit testimonial, and if not why?
  6. Anything else they would like to share that could help the center and the service to improve

Whether the family or staff member is leaving for positive or negative reasons, your value would be either positive (a testimonial to use towards your social media, website, etc.) or negative (invaluable candor towards improving your centers culture).

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