The Opportunity:

Traditional advertising no longer produces results.

● Multiple outlets, from Google, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn require art and science for success.

● It takes too much time to understand the best approaches to your market.

● Lack of analytics makes decisions difficult.

The Solution:

● A resource with ECE/Childcare focus that will you save time and money.

● A team with years of EXPERIENCE with the keywords and audience demographics for successful campaigns.

● People who will work with you to PERSONALIZE to your school needs for enrollments, recruiting, promoting quality and promoting events.

● Friends in the business who provide QUICK RESPONSE and who will be there when you call.

IC360 Digital Advertising is different because:

● Our team works closely with you to achieve YOUR goals.

● Our years of EXPERIENCE with the childcare industry will help you reach your targets.

● We are a TRUSTED PARTNER that will ensure your brand is represented the way it deserves.

● We will help you GROW YOUR ENROLLMENT with focused targeting in your local markets.

● We help you SAVE MONEY while optimizing your online advertising campaigns.

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