The Opportunity:

Your team members need to be in alignment with one another. Printing employee handbooks is costly, but when you operate without an updated Employee Handbook:

Your team members may not know your mission, vision and values.

● You code of conduct is left to chance.

● Team members are unclear about policies for time off, dress code and your expectations.

The Solution:

A COST-EFFECTIVE employee handbook from Inspire! Care 360:

● ACCESSIBLE anytime and anywhere.

● EASY to maintain. We provide yearly updates for changes in State and Federal regulations.

● Helps lay solid groundwork for your COMPANY’s CULTURE.

● Your team will LEARN and RETAIN knowledge.

The IC360 Difference:

● Is INCLUDED in your IC360 Membership!

● Speaks to your team in terms specific to the childcare industry.

● Provides PEACE OF MIND about your state’s and federal requirements.

● Is PERSONALIZED to your environment, culture, brand and processes.

● Is delivered as a part of the learning module to ensure your team completes it and acknowledges it.

● Increases RETENTION.

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