The Opportunity:

● Getting enrollments can be very difficult.

● You can invest lots of money and still have leads that don’t convert to enrollments.

● On average, each missed enrollment costs $10,000 per year per child.

● You may not see the challenges though your lens.

The Solution:

● Teaming with a Mentor who will EVALUATE your schools, your staff and your market presence.

● Someone who will work with you to understand what GAPS you have.

● An advisor who will develop a strategy PERSONALIZED for you to reduce or eliminate the problems and challenges.

● A highly experienced MENTOR to ensure your success.

The IC360 Difference:

● Offer solutions CUSTOM DESIGNED to your needs and do not have a preplanned growth strategy for you.

● Are Childcare and ECE senior business owners, each with a track record of SUCCESS.

● Are FLEXIBLE with our time and offer programs to meet your needs.

● Offer commensurable fees where you will realize many times return on your investment.

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