The Opportunity:

● The ECE Childcare Industry can be difficult to navigate

● If you’re new to the industry or just have a desire to grow, there can be expensive pitfalls.

● Mistakes can hurt your reputation, staff culture and enrollment growth.

● Making poor decisions on locations, management approaches, hiring decisions and leadership opportunities can devastate your schools.

The Solution:

● Mentors and Coaches who are highly tenured, successful owner/operators of ECE Childcare Centers

● Coaches who will DEVELOP your ability, not just tell you what to do

● Solutions that are PERSONALIZED to your requirements.

● Programs that are ONE-ON-ONE, or group engagements.

● LEADERSHIP LEARNING with the ability to engage with a mentor throughout.

The IC360 Difference:

● Is AFFORDABLE and provides trusted partners with decades of proven success in the childcare industry.


● Focuses on the SPECIFIC CHALLENGES you meet today.

● Helps you reach your goals and THRIVE in your business.

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