The Opportunity:

● It is difficult to differentiate your school from others.

● Establishing a great culture is challenging

● There is no defined career path for staff

● Staff does not see learning or adhering to company’s values as a priority

● Even with cloud access, when to take what courses by who can be confusing

The Solution:

Comprehensive LEARNING and CAREER program to ensure staff are aligned to your school’s:

● COMPLIANCE Requirements

● Code of CONDUCT



IC360 Certified is GAMIFIED to increase participation and completion, and it helps build a culture-based CAREER PATH for your school

The IC360 Difference:

● Is a program built to ensure a STRONG CULTURE.

● Is marketable to families as the “Why” your school is significantly different and better.

● Is fully managed and cloud-based.

● Ensures all staff are ENGAGED.

● Grows ALL staff to COMPETENCY across to key performance factors

● Allows you to FOCUS on running your business while your team grows.

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