The Opportunity:

● Healthcare costs are extremely high.

● High deductible plans typically mean staff do not go to the doctor.

● Difficulty in recruiting quality staff.

● High Turnover of staff due to lack of benefits.

● Prohibitive healthcare costs.

● Non-compliance with the Affordable Care Act is a risk.

● Keeping your staff healthy so you can enroll more kids while staying in ratio.

The Solution:

● HIGHLY AFFORDABLE healthcare program to meet diverse staff needs.

● MULTIPLE OPTIONS to offer your staff with programs to meet your requirements.

● SIMPLIFIED MANAGEMENT taking the pain out of communicating and managing plans.

● EASY ACCESS from smart devices to PCs, a couple clicks to staff self-management.

● ONE STOP for Health, Dental, Vision and Alternative, all in one place.

The IC360 Difference:

● Starting at $11.50 per paycheck, it offers plans your staff can easily afford!

● At $25.00 per employee per month, it offers plans Owner/Operators can afford.

● There will be no wasted premiums – our plans will get used.

● We offer Wellness and Telemedicine with Medical Plans.

● Office and Specialists visits only cost $15.00.

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