The Opportunity:

● The lack of history of positive reviews leaves you vulnerable to one bad review.

● It is too late when you receive a bad review.

● You need an opportunity to understand the challenges of existing families and staff.

● Missed opportunities to understand the quality of your family tours.

● Missed opportunities to understand the quality of interviews.

The Solution:

● An AUTOMATED process for asking families and staff for reviews.

● A SIMPLIFIED way to post a review on Google, Facebook,, Great Schools, Yelp and so many more.

● RECEIVE FEEDBACK from families or staff who have not voiced a concern BEFORE it becomes an issue.

● Build a resilient BRAND and REPUTATION that becomes difficult to hurt.

The IC360 Difference:

● It’s likely the greatest value for the dollar in reputation management.

● You receive:

● Family Reviews

● Staff Reviews

● Tour Reviews

● Interview Reviews

It will help you gain more 4 star and 5 stars reviews.

● We help stop bad reviews before they happen.

● You’ll NEVER WORRY about that one bad review EVER AGAIN!

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