The Opportunity:

● You join an industry group and can not access customer service.

● The group you join wants your money but doesn’t provide service.

● You do not feel you can trust the group as they are not transparent.

● You must chase them to get them to provide service.

● They rarely think proactively of solving your business needs.

The Solution:

● A dedicated VP of Membership Advocacy.

● A MONTHLY MEETING to ensure you get the most out of your membership.

● An advocate with ECE/Childcare experience who is always ANTICIPATING YOUR CHALLENGES and bringing membership value to you.

● An ADVOCATE who builds trust and a caring relationship.


The IC360 Difference:

● Is included with your IC360 Membership.

● Dedicates a single point of contact for your team and you.

● Focuses on your school’s success.

● Helps you, trains you, supports you and ALWAYS calls, emails or texts you back – your preference.

● Provides service well above what you would receive from other group memberships.

● It’s built on TRUST and that is really the only business we are in!

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