The Opportunity:

● Crisis situations will take you off-guard when you are not expecting it.

● One crisis can destroy years of hard work.

● A PR crisis that becomes public and is mishandled could lead to a business crisis where many families leave your school.

● You will spend more time, money and resources on crisis situations when you are unprepared.

The Solution:

● An EXPERT in ECE/Childcare-specific Public Relations support and guidance.

● We help you MITIGATE RISK and provide support in addressing your:

● Families
● Staff
● Press/Media
● Public

● TRAINING for your entire staff and a Handbook to handle crisis situations.

● PUBLIC RELATIONSprofessional at your side every step of the way.

The IC360 Difference:

● Is part of your IC360 Membership, and includes:

● Crisis Consultant
Team Training
● Crisis Handbooks

● Provides PEACE OF MIND that you are prepared for every possible crisis.

● Is a phone call away with RAPID response when you need it.

● Provides the same level of access to PR Expertise as your big box competitors

● Is ON YOUR SIDE every step of the way during a crisis. No exceptions!

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