Give Telemed.

Inspire! Care 360 offers
our members access to
Telemed for their

Why Should You Offer Tele Medicine?

  • Offer a benefit that attracts and keeps the best teachers

  • Provide teachers and staff with convenient access to health professionals

  • Healthcare professionals accessible via phone, tablet or computer

  • One low cost per registered employee

Virtual Health for IC360 Members and Partners

What is Telemed?

Inspire! Care 360 offers a true Tele Medicine experience through IC360 People. Telemed is a remote consultation between a doctor and a patient.

A Telemed encounter is:

  • Immediate (not leaving a voicemail)
  • Includes the patient’s choice of who to speak with
  • Has video access to the medical professional
  • Continuity of care

How Telemed is a Savings.

Virtual Health for IC360 Members and Partners Savings

Why Offer Telemed?

Per Visit Co-Pay.

IC360 Virtual Health Cost
Major Medical Telemedicine
Major Medical High Deductible Office Visit
Major Medical High Deductible Urgent Care Visit
Major Medical High Deductible Emergency Room Visit

Get The Facts.

*Values are approximate based on current research available at the time.

Program Costs for Owners.

IC360 Member Pricing

$10 per employeemonth

Childcare owners pay monthly per employee registered to the program. For IC360 Members that monthly minimum is $200 or 20 registered employees.

Learn More About Telemed!

If you are currently an IC360 Member, ask how you can add this service to your current membership. If you are not a member, click on the Contact Us button below to learn more about accessing Virtual Health.

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