Jen Gaudioso

VP of Membership Advocacy

Jen provides a pivotal role for IC360. She on-boards and trains new members and is the day to day contact for our IC360 members. She is able to answer any question about membership benefits, additional services, agreement questions, understanding and implementing additional services, such as Virtual Health, IT,  and Marketing Incentive programs.

Jen has 18 years of childcare ownership experience and has both an excellent understanding of the day to day operations as well as operating the full business side of her center. She has owned and operated her in-home childcare for the past 15 years.

Jen is a mother of two boys, her oldest son Tim is a junior in college and her youngest son Ryan is a junior in high school. She is on many school booster club committees and also volunteers for an annual local music fest committee where the proceeds go to Golisano’s Children’s Hospital.


Favorite Band: Blake Shelton, Zac Brown Band, Garth Brooks, Journey, REO Speedwagon

Favorite Sport: Baseball

Favorite Food: Italian