Inspire! Care 360 Webinars

“It’s their job, they should just do it!”

If you, as a Director or Owner, have had similar thoughts, this webinar is for you.

Inspire! Care 360 Founder & CEO, Tony D’Agostino and Vernon Mason Jr. MEd, give you a sense of reality!

Townhall – What IF not WHEN COVID-19 arrives at your center?

During this session, Inspire! Care 360 Founder & CEO, Tony D’Agostino, is joined by childcare center owners who were confronted with COVID-19 exposures in their centers.

Evolution of PPP significant Childcare Tax Benefits and Next Round of Stimulus.

Inspire! Care 360 Founder & CEO, Tony D’Agostino, is joined by John Rizzo and Dan Matteo from RDG+Partners to discuss the latest updates in PPP forgiveness.

Big Changes in PPP-Forgiveness!

In follow up with our previous webinar about PPP-Forgiveness we circle back and tackle the changes that were being implemented in this Act.

John Rizzo and Daniel Matteo from RDG+Partners join our CEO, Tony D’Agostino, once again to have an in depth discussion about PPP-Forgiveness.

Creating One ECE Voice Post COVID-19

Our CEO, Tony D’Agostino meets with Cindy Lehnhoff, director of NCCA, to talk about advocacy and being prepared for challenging periods such as COVID-19.

  • Why is ECE advocacy important?
  • What if we all joined together in this mission?
  • What if we had been better prepared and organized prior to COVID-19?
  • What do we do, moving forward?

Keys To Recovering Your Enrollment with Julie Wassom

Post COVID-19, Tony D’Agostino meets with Julie Wassom to discuss how to recover your enrollment in times of crisis.

  • The key marketing change ECE businesses must make as a result of the Corona Virus pandemic.
  • Actions within your control to take now to rebuild enrollment rapidly post COVID-19
  • Family outreach and communications.
  • Essential techniques for recovering existing families and converting new prospects.
  • Incentives for re-enrolling families, center managers and teams.
  • Enlisting partners to help rebuild enrollment.

The Art of PPP-Forgiveness.

In this webinar our CEO, Tony D’Agostino, meets with John Rizzo and Daniel Matteo to discuss how all the ins and outs about PPP Forgiveness.

  • What is included in the PPP-forgiveness and what is not?
  • How to apply for it?
  • What to do to optimize your PPP-forgiveness?


Webinar: Demystifying the CARES Act – Part 2

In this webinar our CEO, Tony D’Agostino, follows up with the rapid changes that were being implemented in the CARES Act.

  • The changes in the CARES Act explained.
  • Tony asks the questions from an owner’s perspective.

Webinar: Demystifying the CARES Act – Part 1

In this webinar our CEO, Tony D’Agostino, meets with John Rizzo, Sam Gueli and Daniel Matteo to discuss how the CARES Act affects your child care business.

  • COVID-19 affected us all.
  • The CARES Act explained by seasoned professionals.
  • Tony asks the questions from an owner’s perspective.

Walk the Line: The Art & Science of Staff Retention

In an economy with record-low unemployment, it can be hard to find or replace the best team members. Learn the top eight (8) ways to engage and retain your staff by developing – and promoting – an amazing culture in your early learning center! Learn the answers to questions such as:

  • What is the Typical Cost of Staff Turnover in Childcare?
  • How Do You Reach & Retain Millennial Workers?
  • How Can You Define & Develop Values in Your Center?
  • What Are Some Differences Between Management & Leadership?

Handling Difficult Conversations with Staff at Your Childcare Center

Inspire! Care 360 Founder & CEO, Tony D’Agostino, connects with Chanie Wilschansky, CEO of DiscoverED Consulting, to share their perspectives and insights on having those difficult (and sometimes awkward) conversations about staff accountability. Chanie discusses the four shields of a difficult conversation:

  • Victimhood
  • Crying
  • Blaming
  • Deflection

Inspiring Potential: Onboarding to Keep Them Aboard


The onboarding process is a critical time for any employee. The training we provide and the expectations we set go a long way to determine that staff member’s success or failure in our school. This is a process we can’t afford to get wrong! Here’s what we learned in this webinar with Carla Rogg, President of ProSolutions Training:

  • 3 Leadership Power Challenges
  • Strategies to Enhance the Onboarding Process
  • How to Create the Best Culture
  • Ways to Improve Your Leadership Skills

The 5 Secrets to Build a Waiting List for Your Center


Cory Gabel is a master of digital marketing, lead generation, website design, and SEO. He has over ten years of experience with digital marketing for early learning centers in the childcare industry. In this interview, he explores:

  • Must-haves for any childcare website
  • How to convert website visits into tours
  • Ways to optimize your online presence
  • Methods for measuring performance and tracking success

Branding with Purpose: Make Your Childcare Business Stand Out


Thad Joiner, CEO of Better Beans Branding, discusses how to brand your childcare center like a pro. Thad is an expert on branding and growth for early learning centers, having climbed the ladder himself with multiple locations over the years. Here’s what we learned:

  • Importance of Brand Consistency
  • Key Differentiators
  • Do’s & Don’ts for Branding
  • How to Handle Competitors Copying Your Ideas
  • Ways to Leave a Lasting Impression
  • Interior design, logo and signage examples

The 5 DON’Ts When Investing in Early Learning Supplies, Equipment & Furniture


Paul Becker, Co-Owner of Becker’s School Supplies, discusses the big mistakes to avoid when inveseting in your school (or early learning center). With over 30 years of experience working with owners and directors of schools, daycares, and early learning centers, Paul is a thought leader on subjects such as:

  • Best practices for buying supplies & equipment
  • What NOT to do when investing in furniture
  • Common mistakes to avoid when purchasing big-ticket items
  • Questions you should be asking your vendors
  • How technology impacts the buying process

4 Fundamental Traits ECE Leaders Must Have in 2020


Ron Spreeuwenberg is the co-founder and CEO of HiMama. As a graduate of the Harvard Business School, Ron’s background in education and his experience in the childcare industry make him a subject matter expert when it comes to ECE leadership.

Learn the four characteristics shared by the best leaders in early childhood education, and get some new ideas for motivating & rewarding your employees.

  • What is Leadership (and what is it NOT)?
  • How do great leaders motivate employees?
  • What qualities do the best leaders share?
  • How do leaders influence culture?

Childcare Staff Retention: Turn Your Falling Stars Into Superstars


Lori Buxton, Managing Director of the Association for Early Learning Leaders (AELL), discusses the “secret sauce” for cultivating a winning team. In today’s ultra-competitive labor market, staff retention is more important than ever! This discussion touches on:

  • Practical plan for investing in employees
  • Tips for identifying challenges, biases & desired outcomes
  • How to distinguish a “head” problem from a “heart” problem
  • Exercises for reflection & growth