Inspire! Care 360 Earn Your Trust with Company Values Blog Post

Core values are a small set of vital and timeless guiding principles for your company. They define your culture and who you truly are as people. Core values drive the behavior of a company’s employees; they establish a baseline for goals, and the methodologies for reaching those goals.

When core values are clear, they attract like-minded people to your organization. When they are applied in your organization, they will weed out the people that don’t fit. Once they are defined, you must hire, fire, reward, and recognize people based on these core values.

Core values already exist in your organization — they’ve just been lost in the day-to-day chaos. The task of leadership is to rediscover what they are and instill them as the rules by which you live.

At Inspire! Care 360, we recently dedicated time during a team retreat to revisit and update our company’s core values. As our team grows and we welcome more members into the IC360 family, we want to make sure that our values help us serve our members in the best possible way so we continue to expand further into the early learning and childcare industry.

The success of our members is paramount to the evolution of Inspire! Care 360. We can only be as successful as the businesses of our members. With that in mind, the theme for our new set of core values is “How We Earn Your Trust.”

Do the Right Thing

We want what’s best for our members, for our vendors and suppliers, and for ourselves. It is very important to everyone at IC360 to be part of a team that operates with ethics and integrity.

Empower Change

The need for change is what allowed Inspire! Care 360 to exist in the first place. In his own early learning centers, our CEO sensed a need for back office support, streamlined business processes, and a more engaged and invested staff. These needs led to the creation of our company, and our sole purpose is to enable and deliver those positive changes to early learning centers and daycares across the country.

Make a Difference

At the core of each person on the IC360 staff, we are helpers. We are educators. We are champions for our peers and colleagues. When you invest time and energy into another person, their success becomes your success, too. We feed off that positive energy. We strive to make a difference for our members by providing solutions to help them prosper, thrive, and simplify their business.

Have Heart

You can always tell when someone’s heart isn’t in it; a lack of passion for anything will surely come through in the finished product. Having heart means putting all your focus and energy into everything you do. Having heart makes us more creative, more driven, and more effective in our roles of helping our members run a successful business.

Always Level Up

We are never satisfied! There is always another opportunity for knowledge, growth, and efficiency. As a company, we never want to sit back and think we’ve made it. The idea of always leveling up means we can always improve, whether it’s through a new solution we bring to our members or cleaning up internal processes to make us smarter and more savvy as a company.

Have Your Back

We want our members to know that we are here for them. Every day, we commit to demonstrating to our members that we’ve got their back, and we’ve got to keep delivering time and again. After all, trust is earned and not given. We understand that, and it’s vitally important to Inspire! Care 360 to earn (and keep!) the trust of its members.

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