Consultants for childcare

Paying inflated fees for lawyers and CPAs to answer day-to-day HR and staffing questions is a very quick way to decrease your profit margins and prevent you from saving money with your childcare business. What if you could access expert HR professionals at costs much lower? We show you how to use your professional consultants the right way and hold them to manageable costs.

Attorney and Professional Services Costs

If you look at your P&L at the end of the year, you may notice that you depend too much on your professional services to help you out. This can get pretty expensive—especially when your attorney or CPA are not truly specialists in your areas of need. This occurs most often when unknown human resources questions are a threat to your business. To look at reducing these costly phone calls and emails, stop thinking of your consultants as the only ones who should be defining your approach to issues. There are resources that cost less and put you back in control of these areas. This means sourcing resources or knowledge banks in these areas.

With any consultant’s fees, be sure to have him/her commit to a price before he/she starts any extra work for you. You can also shop around for average costs for a bigger project. Many times the consultant you throw your questions to seeks to have an open checkbook with you. That is rarely practical and could cost you more than you expect annually.


Anthony A. D’Agostino, Founder and CEO of Inspire! Care 360, is also the owner and operator of Inspire! Learning and Childcare and Crayon Campus in Western NY. Anthony has also been a leading principal with companies such as Ernst and Young, Pearson Education and Xerox Corporation, implementing practices in areas of Human Resources, Adult Training and Development as well as Employee Engagement and Communication.