The Opportunity:

● Replacing staff or families is very expensive.

● Parents or staff who leave for a negative reason often do not tell you why.

● You are unable to identify how to improve your performance.

● You are unable to ease hard feelings that might have occurred with staff or families.

● Improving morale seems impossible.

The Solution:

● IDENTIFY exactly WHY families or staff left your school

● Candid, FACTUAL FEEDBACK, free of emotion and office politics

● Conducted by a NEUTRAL 3rd party who allows everyone to speak freely and factually.

● Allows owner / operators to

● REPAIR relationships

● TRAIN and COACH remaining staff


The IC360 Difference:

● Are part of your IC360 Membership.

● Project PROFESSIONALISM to your parents and employees.

● Allows you to GET TO THE ROOT CAUSE of a family or staff member’s departure.

● Provide a TRUSTED PARTNER who handles all exit interview logistics and administration.

● Provide access to valuable information to GROW your business and build a POSITIVE BUSINESS CULTURE.

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