The Opportunity:

● You often have little time to focus on the numbers that are critical to your success.

● Often ECE has low margins in the range of 5-10%. For owners that’s owning a job, not a business.

● You lack strategy to move your numbers in a positive direction.

● You need to take advantage of tax opportunities that can save you tens of thousands of dollars.

The Solution:

● Financial Experts highly tenured in Childcare.

● ASSESSMENT of your current financial situation and performance ratios.

● MONTHLY REPORTING that provides opportunity for significant gains.

● ROOT CAUSE ANALYSIS to both reduce expense and increase profitability.

● Grasp the opportunity to DOUBLE PROFITS depending on current performance.

The IC360 Difference:

● Have DECADES OF EXPERIENCE with the Childcare Industry.

● Will show you how you perform compared to industry KEY PERFORMANCE INDICATORS(KPI).

● Provide clear, ACCURATE DATA on your numbers with decisive guidance so you can best run your schools.

● Will teach you how to MANAGE and OPTIMIZE your cashflow.

● Provide MONTHLY UPDATES on your performance with clear recommendations for changes.

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