The Opportunity:

Without a consistent, updated family handbook, families do not:

● Understand your policies and procedures.

● Know your operating procedures.

● Learn your values and teaching principles.

There is also inconsistency in:

● Delivery of handbooks to parents

● Acknowledgement of policies

● Acknowledgement of non-solicitation of staff members

The Solution:

IC360 provides a consistent and easy to maintain Family Handbook that:

● ENSURES all your families receive it.

● CAPTURES key acknowledgements

● Builds CREDIBILITY while simplifying and increasing sophistication

● Makes a welcoming FIRST IMPRESSION to new parents.

Your Inspire! Care 360 Parent Handbook is different because it:

● Is INCLUDED in your IC360 Membership!

● Will simplify your world by ensuring each parent gets their handbook.

● Creates confidence for you and your staff when meeting new parents.


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