The Opportunity:

● Schools intend to orient new staff but lack time and opportunity.

● A lot of Director and Admin time in orientations is wasted.

● New staff does not grasp your culture

● Operational training is usually not attainable.

The Solution:

● PERSONALIZED orientations, including everything an employee needs on Day 1

● THOROUGH Operating Procedures with 27 modules to ensure your staff is oriented to school success

● SPECIFIC to staff member program of focus for infants, toddlers and school age children

● We TRACK and share PROGRESS and completions

● Our MENTOR program ensures a high level of retention!

The IC360 Difference:

● Is part of your IC360 MEMBERSHIP!

● SAVES effort, time and cost with 24/7/365 availability

● RETAINS staff by building a professional and motivated team.

● Creates an AMAZING CULTURE, the foundation to your success.

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